Fridge Magnets UK

Fridge magnets printing for UK companies from leadprint

Did you know most of your business cards end up in bin ?

You spend so much money and time to design your cards but most people even do not interested to keep them for you.

there is a innovative new way to stick your customer's mind.

Fridge magnets printing for UK businesses!

We do full colour glossy fridge magnets at any size or shape.

Make them in shape your customer will be most likely to keep it on their fridge.

We have a lot of success stories about fridge magnets!

Did you know average fridge open 40 times a day.

Whenever your customer see your brand they will make a connection about your services!

When they need you they will get in touch easily!

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We made custom fridge magnets printing easy. Print your promotional fridge magnets today and grow your business !